Construction Safety Officer Training (CSO)

In recent years there is a trend for builders and contractors to pay more attention to safety-related matters than ever before. It is a fact that companies embracing safety perform better and have a higher retention percentage in their workforce.

A construction safety officer ensures that construction workers are following established policies and safety regulations. A construction safety officer may take on additional roles and responsibilities, but their primary job is helping to create safer work sites. They develop, implement and enforce policies that reduce the risk of accidents. The safety officer determines what policies are needed and how to enforce them.

Upon successful completion, students will receive a Construction Safety Officer certificate. This will allow them to apply for ASTTBC certification as a CSO and gain experience on a construction site.

CSO Week # 1:

35 hours in class (10 hours self- study and homework)

The course examines the various authorities and legislation governing construction sites. Included are:

  • Vancouver Building Bylaw,
  • Workers Compensation Act,
  • Occupational Health & Safety Regulation,
  • BC Fire Code.
  • Responsibilities of all parties are discussed and prevention activities to meet the duties of responsible persons are explained.

CSO Week # 2

35 hours in class (10 hours self-study and homework)

Specific construction hazards are discussed in detail. Included are:

  • Confined space procedures
  • De-energization and Lockout,
  • Excavations and Shoring
  • Fall protection

Communication skills are emphasized throughout the course. The participant will learn and practice the ability to record, track, and communicate required statistics and due diligence evidence. Participants will be able to record site activities and produce reports capable of tracking: person-hours, injury statistics, site orientations, accident investigations, safety meeting minutes, tool box talks and risk assessments.

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