Joint Health & Safety Committee Training

Joint Health and Safety Committee Training is a one-day WorkSafe course developed by the Workers’ Compensation Board of B.C. It aims at helping participants to identify and interpret joint health and safety committee members’ functions and duties and to carry out their responsibilities to promote workplace health and safety.

The course is ideal for joint health and safety committee members, worker health and safety representatives, and health and safety professionals committed to reducing workplace injuries and diseases.

 Successful completion of the course will enable participants to:

  • Use the OH&S Regulation to find requirements in the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
  • Explain the requirements for joint committees and worker health and safety representatives and their responsibilities and entitlements
  • Establish a foundation to develop skills in:
    • Promoting workplace health and safety – assisting in having all required OH&S program elements in place
    • Applying the process of safety inspections and accident investigations
    • Conducting and participating in constructive committee meetings
    • Working cooperatively to address workers’ health and safety concerns

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